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EMA Live Event

Live Stream Event


A futuristic style of visualization, that I've designed and created for the 2020 EMA Event. From designing mood boards, developing interior design, supervising a two-day live photoshoot, and creating digital 3D/2D sets, this project was just as challenging, as it was fun to work on. 

3D Renderings & Digital Paintings

After creating 3D backgrounds, it was quite a challenge to integrate 2D elements and create a fully composed scene. But after many hours of digital painting and 2D elements integration, the final product was ready to be presented on giant 8K screens. 

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When People Come to Life

This was probably the only project where we didn't have to use a green screen as we knew that once the correct shots were determined, we would carefully cut them out and integrate them into 3D digital sets.


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